Guidlines and FAQ

Here at the Black Sea Press, we pride ourselves on our quality of work and customer service. We strive to meet the exact needs of our clients and make the process easy to understand. We do our own design work, in-house, but also accept client designs. We have listed out the basic steps of the process to help better guide you through the process. 


Raster vs Vector Images

Digital graphic images come in either of two forms - vector or raster. Vector images are created by hundreds of thousands microscopic lines that help form the image. Compared to raster images which use pixels to create the image. 


Raster Images

Raster images are made up using pixels to create the image. Generally, you are not able to tell if it is a raster of vector image just by looking at it. However, if the image will need to be larger than the original size, raster images will not display as clearly as the vector images. Becasue the image is made up with pixels, when you blow up the image, the pixels will begin to show and make the edges of the image fuzzy and blurred. This will cause the artwork on the print to look out of focus and of low quality. 


Vector Images

Vector images are made up through hundred of thousands of small lines that work together to create the image. Because the image is created through these lines, it is infinitely expandable without losing the quality of the image. These are the types of images used in the screen printing process. Most logos and artwork are not originally the same image size they would be on the front or back of a t-shirt, many of the images will need to be blown up or expanded to get the right look on the product. Using raster files for this will giver an unclean look, while the vector images will be crisp images, no matter the size. 




How to tell what kind of image file you have? 

Most vector image file extensions come in one of these forms; .ai, .pdf, .eps. Even though they may be this file type, they still may not be the vector image you are looking for. Vector images need to be creating using a vector editing program, which is not very common for most people to have. You would need to check the file to make sure it was created as vector art. If you have a vector editing program you can check to see if you have a vector image by opening up the image and seeing if there are vector editing nodes around the image. If so, you have a vector image. 

If you do not have a vector editing program or not sure if you have the vector image file, please send it over to us to check for you. We will assist in getting the image converted to a vector image, if needed, free of charge. Contact us today if you have any questions about what kind of files types are needed for the screen printing process. 




We create a lot of different artwork for different occasions, events and business and have 30+ in-house colors. You are able to use any of these colors you would like and our designers will help pick out the colors that match the best. If you are looking for more specific colors, that we do not carry in-house, we are able to create custom colors that will match what you are looking for. These colors come at a slightly higher price than the stock colors we carry, but will get you the exact color you are looking for. 



Print Materials

We have a wide range of print materials we are able to screen print on. Though a majority of what we print are t-shirts, we are also able to create, hats, posters, koozies & more! We have many different styles of  t-shirts to get the look you are going for. Whether that made be a standard athletic tee or a light weight fashion fit, we can make sure you get the custom shirt you are wanting. Any color, any fit, any size, the Black Sea Press has got what you need. 


Have any questions about the design process? Please feel free to reach out to our BSP staff who will be more that happy to clear up any questions you may have!